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Why do Purefit6?!

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If you are wondering should you do Pureift6....Read on...   A testimonial from our purefit6 who would like to remain anonymous: Low energy? Bored with food choice's ? Body shape changing (not for the best!)? Asking yourself "where did this tummy come from..."? If you relate to any one of these then Purefit6 is for you! I've been coming to the classes in Purefit since last September and loved how Fiona challenges you during the classes by getting you to up the weights every so often. Although I was exercising regularly I still felt exhausted after a weeks work. I travel most days for work and I end up having to eat on the go from a cafe or garage which doesn't always have any choice other than sandwiches, wraps or panini's!! Well I haven't had a sandwich in about 8 weeks after getting all the help I needed from Fiona and Ger. I guess they get you back to basic about food and how we should be using food as a fuel and not as a reward or treat! If you are worried you will be starving during this please don't worry I never ate so much food it's just all the right stuff! My energy levels have increased so much everyone has noticed it. The only advice I would give anyone considering doing this is that it is a challenge but the results will be worth it, go for it
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