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Fear of the first step! Top 5 tips to get back on track.

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It's about that time when we start to see the cracks. You started out really strong, with great motivation and have enjoyed the journey so far but real life has interrupted and you got a little off track. No big deal. We're behind you even more so right now to help you get back on track. Maybe you aimed for more than will work for you right now or maybe we just need to re-adjust how and when you train. Regardless of what needs to be adjusted, let's get you back on track today.

Getting back on track can be overwhelming, pick one (we are serious, just the one!) of our top 5 tips below and renew your progress.

Drink more water.
Keep a bottle nearby and sip away all day. Desk job? Develop the habit of sipping while you switch tasks. Drive a lot? Keep some in the car and sip away whenever it's safe to do so. Build it into your habits so it becomes a routine. You'll feel the difference quite quickly.

Track your food.
Being mindful of what you are eating can be enough to spark a change in your habits, but let's not delve into a crazy diet that isn't going to last. You might lose a pound or two but without a long term basis for healthy eating you will be disappointed when it creeps back on. Start small, and start simple. Write down, or grab an app to track what your caloric intake is each day to learn your current habits first. We can talk about adjustments later.

Try a new recipe!
Send me your email address and I will personally send you some amazing recipes to get you back on track!

Take the stairs...
or the scenic route. Before you grab lunch, walk a lap of the business park you work in or walk up to the top of the building using the stairs. Keep it quick and simple, create something to build on.

Find a buddy.
Spend more time with a new (or old) friend who has similar goals to you. Maybe its a new workout buddy or a motivation buddy. Share your food tracking with them and invite them along to classes with you. Maybe signup to one of our programmes together.

Getting off track is to be expected and it really doesn't even matter how many times you get side-tracked - the difference between achieving to your goals and not is recognising it, accepting it and working through it. If you're new to fitness we recommend you start in a small way with some of our fun, motivating spinning classes to get your large leg muscles working and burn calories fast. If you've a little experience with fitness, try our Circuits for an all body workout. Pilates is great for everyone and lots of people do it along with another programme or our pay as you go classes. Purefit 6 is our body composition programme that shepherds you along your weightloss and strength building journey.


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