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Marian's Weight Loss Journey Day 1

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Marian’s Weight Loss Journey ‘Fallen Off The Wagon Round 2’


When Marian started with us in 2013, she had a goal to lose 10 pounds. She signed up for our Purefit6 programme with a starting weight at 12st 7lbs. By the end of the 6 weeks she had lost inches and over 16lbs. She had the tools and was ready to do it on her own. She remained dedicated but slowly the bad habits creeped back into her life. Marian’s journey doesn’t stop there. At 28 years old with a 15 month old, working full time, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to prepare food. Sleepless nights meant very little energy during the day so reaching for sugary snacks became all too easy. The weight slowly went back up and much more. Her current weight is now at 14st 4lbs, body fat 44.5% Not one to make excuses, but that’s her reality, like a lot of full time mums, family comes first, and in Marian's case, reaching for carb heavy and sugary snacks was second nature. However Marian needed to gain back her confidence, her weight was getting her down, so she finally came back to me. She told me her story. She was desperate to get back on track. She needed my help and I was going to give it. I knew Marian was an emotional eater, so with a few gentle chats on her triggers, a structured meal plan, with easy to follow recipes Marian was ready to start. She has always struggled with her weight but this time it is different, this time she wants to be a healthy mom for her baby. She wants to be a positive role model for her child. Another big incentive is she wants to fit into her clothes she wore 3 years ago, she wants more energy, she wants to fell happy about herself again. This is her journey with Purefit.

As a trainer and nutrition expert I will guide her every week on foods, she will have weekly weigh ins and measurements done by me. She will participate in at least 3 classes a week. Every week we will post up her journey, her foods, her measurements. We want people to follow Marian every week. Give her the boost if she is finding it difficult, follow her meal plans and we want you behind us so post up your stories, start your weight loss journey with us too. I know Marian can do this and with all of our help she can get there.

If you are struggling with your weight follow Marian and her weight loss journey. I’m going to help Marian for as long as she needs it. This will be an integral part of her life now, it needs to be for her own health. So come on support Marian, share her blog every week with your friends. Be part of Marian’s weight loss journey. In this weekly blog Marian has agreed to share her weight loss journey in the hope that it will keep her on track. If she feels more accountable to hundreds of people then she will more than likely stay on track. Even if she does fall off the wagon, we are all here to help her get back on track. 




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