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Marian's Weight Loss Journey Week 1

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Marian's story

 Marian Week 1

First week of plan has been very tough to stick to. I came to Fiona for help. I knew she could whip me into shape. I also knew that food was my downfall.  I realise now I am an emotional eater. I eat when I'm happy, sad, bored and even before I go to bed. I crave all the wrong stuff. I told Fiona my story and she advised me to start with a small change first. For example cut out bread. I was eating so much of it. I didn't want to start with a small step, I wanted to go right in at the deep end. I wanted results fast. I wanted a strict diet plan. I knew I would only stick to it for a week, but in my head I was going to lose loads of weight. I needed a kick start to get me motivated. I wanted the pounds to come off me. Fiona explained the risks of extreme diets or dramatic changes to my lifestyle. I didn't want to listen. She wanted me to change my mindset, and then my habits would improve. She wanted me to become more aware of why I was eating all the wrong stuff. I wanted to lose weight right now.

Marian's Weight Week 1

Slowly I realised that it was going to be tougher this time. I had completely fallen off the wagon. My initial weigh in was nail bitting. I knew I put on weight but the fear of those numbers, it was hard. Stepping on the scales, there was no turning back now. We decided to do the weigh in every Friday evening. This was a focus that I needed. Fiona gave me my 7 day food plan. It didn't seem too bad. Firstly I cut out the takeaways and treats at the weekend, which is a first in a long time. Even though my clothes still feel tight, I feel less bloated. I have cut down on the bad carbs so much. I am feeling really hungry though. Fiona had advised me to eat more protein to help me feel full. I trying hard to stick to the plan, but Fiona has been great, she is helping me substitute foods on the meal plan that I don't like. 

Just got my week 1 weigh in, I was really nervous. I know I could have been better on the plan, but I have made some changes. I'm down 3lbs this week! Happy enough but i know it's a long road, I am willing to stick to it. I'm going to try week 1 again. Get my shopping in and be more prepared. Chat again next week after my second weigh in.

Week 1 Meal Plan


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