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Pureraw Eatery New Menu Launched

Menu Launch Header

Start your day with PureRaw Eatery Spelt Crepés made fresh in house every morning, with a delicious breakfast wrap, some super power porridge, nutty granolas, greek yoghurt pots or acai boost bowls. Choose from more than 10 freshly made smoothies. Choose a healthy and filling gourmet sandwich for lunch, hot or cold & made to order on local artisan breads to eat-in or take-away. Pick-up a proper salad with oodles of noodles or a fully packed salad bowl that won't leave you hungry. Top it all off with homemade raw dessert protein balls or chocolate cheesecake.

"We want people to feel happy and healthy here"

Fiona Fleming and Ger O' Connor decided to take Galway's food scene to the next level. Already running a very successful gym and juice bar, Purefit and Pureraw at Liosban Retail Park, we have taken the leap to open Pureraw Eatery in Abbeygate Street."We are advocates of proper sound nutrition and with Fiona's postgrad in nutrition, you are in fora real food experience. Fiona's passion is creating real healthy food that tastes great. As fitness professionals, we work and train every day of the week, so proper food is essential to keep us going! We strive to encourage you to eat better, because you will feel happier and healthier. The food is tasty and there's lots of treats available too, so don't worry... It's not all porridge made with water and green juice."



Cold-Pressed Juices Galway

Our juice programmes reboot your eating habits by replacing daily meals with 4 x 500ml bottles of cold-pressed vegetable juice packed with unadulterated, nutrients and vitamins. We have two exclusive juices only available in the 1,2 or 3 day juice programmes (500ml). The grab 'n go options are available in 250ml bottles and 330ml bottles (select juices only). Text in your takeaway order (087 674 3616) before 11.30am to avoid the queues!

1. Back on track.
The juice programmes are a great way to get significant amounts of vegetable and fruit nutrients back into your eating regime
2. Balanced.
Our juices are largely vegetable based with a little fruit for flavour. Pure fruit juices are quite high in calories for the volume consumed, whereas our juices contain a better overall balance of caloric content with vitamins and nutrients.
3. Controlled.
Juicing tends to eliminate the unchecked snacking or over sized portion issues of your normal habits and can even motivate you to reign in those behaviours after the juice programme ends.
4. Simplicity.
During the programme, you don't need to decide what to eat, shop for groceries, cook and clean up. Without all those decisions to be made its much easier to find time to exercise or relax more.
5. Satisfaction.
Our juices are designed to carry enough calories for you to feel sated without over-eating.

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Eatery Open for Business!

PureRaw Eatery at 10 Upper Abbeygate Street

Building on the huge success we've seen at our PureRaw Juice Bar in Liosban, we've opened our new venture, the PureRaw Eatery at 10 Upper Abbeygate Street in the heart of Galway City. At PureRaw Eatery we create delicious, healthy food packed with only good calories so you can enjoy a delicious fresh lunch, breakfast or snack without unnecessary oils, salts or sugars you find in mass-produced lunches. 

10 Upper Abbeygate Street - Indoor & Outdoor seating

Located around the corner from the world famous Lynch's Castle, PureRaw Eatery adds to the vibrant food scene that Galway has on offer. With both indoor and outdoor seating available, its a beautiful spot to spend your lunchtime in the heart of Galway city. We've added a large canopy and wind-breakers around our outdoor seating area to keep you protected from the elements. Sit and enjoy our hearty breakfasts, healthy lunches including sandwiches on artisan bread (with no additives and no preservatives!), healthy snacks and organic fair trade coffee.

  • Indoor and outdoor seating areas
  • Healthy breakfasts & lunches - Eat in or Takeaway
  • Organic, Fair trade Coffee
  • Healthy snacks, Artisan bread sandwiches
  • Cold pressed juices & full range of smoothies

Grab 'n Go Lunches & All-day Breakfasts 

Our broad menu includes some raw food options as well as cooked dishes, delectable desserts and top-quality coffee and tea. For busy city dwellers we've created Grab 'n Go Lunches to take back to your office, so you can eat a healthy & hearty lunch even at your busiest. Our all-day breakfast options include steel-cut porridge, acai superfood berries, creamy Greek yogurt with granola, and hearty spelt pancakes. 

Cold-pressed Vegetable Juices

Huge amounts of locally-sourced, fresh, raw vegetables and fruit cold-pressed into super nutritious 500ml bottles you can take away with you or pre-order online for a full 1-day, 2-day or 3-day Juice package starting from just €28. We have two exclusive juices only available in the 1,2 or 3 day juice programmes (500ml). The grab 'n go options are available in 250ml bottles and 330ml bottles (select juices only). Text in your takeaway order (087 674 3616) before 11.30am to avoid the queues!

Open 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday | Indoor & Outdoor Seating | Takeaway Coffee & Lunches | Hearty, Healthy Food 


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Croagh Patrick Challenge 2015

Croagh Patrick Challenge

This April 25th we are bringing Purefit to the mountains! Starting at the Information Centre at Murrisk, Co. Mayo we will be climbing Crough Patrick where you will be challenged by the long initial ascent into the brief but windy respite of the saddle. From there you will ascend the rocky final stretch before the views open up at the peak to show you magnificent vistas of the atlantic, Clew Bay and Westport. At 764 metres (2,507 ft) Croagh Patrick is the third highest mountain in Co. Mayo and has been a place of pilgrimage for over 5,000 years. 

We have organised a bus to travel from Purefit, leaving at 8:30am sharp on April 25th and returning at 6:30. A ticket for the bus journey is €15 return. Bring sturdy footwear or choose to climb barefoot!

Eventbrite - Croagh Patrick Challenge 

Update: Had a great day with over 40 Purefitters tackling the reek. Check out the pictures on our photo album.

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Easter opening hours

Purefit will close for a number of days over the Easter break, detailed below. When we return, we will be working off our new Summer timetable which you can preview and download below. We take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and to wish you and your a very lovely Easter break. See you all back on Tuesday, April 7th!

Friday, April 3rd (Good Friday) Closed
Saturday, April 4th (Holy Saturday) Closed
Sunday, April 5th (Easter Sunday) Closed
Monday, April 6th (Bank Holiday) Closed
Tuesday, April 7th Business as usual

Summer 2015 timetable, print it out and stick it on your fridge, wardrobe, work cubicle or door so you'll never miss a class!

Purefit Summer 2015 timetable


It's about that time when we start to see the cracks. You started out really strong, with great motivation and have enjoyed the journey so far but real life has interrupted and you got a little off track. No big deal. We're behind you even more so right now to help you get back on track. Maybe you aimed for more than will work for you right now or maybe we just need to re-adjust how and when you train. Regardless of what needs to be adjusted, let's get you back on track today.

Getting back on track can be overwhelming, pick one (we are serious, just the one!) of our top 5 tips below and renew your progress.

Drink more water.
Keep a bottle nearby and sip away all day. Desk job? Develop the habit of sipping while you switch tasks. Drive a lot? Keep some in the car and sip away whenever it's safe to do so. Build it into your habits so it becomes a routine. You'll feel the difference quite quickly.

Track your food.
Being mindful of what you are eating can be enough to spark a change in your habits, but let's not delve into a crazy diet that isn't going to last. You might lose a pound or two but without a long term basis for healthy eating you will be disappointed when it creeps back on. Start small, and start simple. Write down, or grab an app to track what your caloric intake is each day to learn your current habits first. We can talk about adjustments later.

Try a new recipe!
Send me your email address and I will personally send you some amazing recipes to get you back on track!

Take the stairs...
or the scenic route. Before you grab lunch, walk a lap of the business park you work in or walk up to the top of the building using the stairs. Keep it quick and simple, create something to build on.

Find a buddy.
Spend more time with a new (or old) friend who has similar goals to you. Maybe its a new workout buddy or a motivation buddy. Share your food tracking with them and invite them along to classes with you. Maybe signup to one of our programmes together.

Getting off track is to be expected and it really doesn't even matter how many times you get side-tracked - the difference between achieving to your goals and not is recognising it, accepting it and working through it. If you're new to fitness we recommend you start in a small way with some of our fun, motivating spinning classes to get your large leg muscles working and burn calories fast. If you've a little experience with fitness, try our Circuits for an all body workout. Pilates is great for everyone and lots of people do it along with another programme or our pay as you go classes. Purefit 6 is our body composition programme that shepherds you along your weightloss and strength building journey.


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What's Cardiovascular Fitness About?

Cardiovascular fitness - What's it all about?

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the single most common cause of death in Ireland, while cancers account for the second most common. Whereas modern medical science is still working on the many forms of cancer, the 'cure' for CVD has been known for some time.

Cardiovascular disease is most often associated with increased BMI, smoking, and physical inactivity. People in more active jobs have half the risk of developing CVD as those in sedentary work environments (Berlin & Colditz, 1990). Studies in sports medicine have shown that being physically active is associated with a 40–50% reduction in the risk of CVD (Wannamethee & Shaper, 2001).

Cardiovascular fitness is all about training your heart and lungs to deliver maximum oxygen to your muscles and the ability of the muscles to use that oxygen to fuel movement. It also have the effect of strengthening your heart muscles, improving its pumping efficiency and reducing your resting heart rate overall - known as cardiac conditioning. In fact, there's some compelling evidence (Ornish et. al., 1998) that some CVD can be regressed with prolonged lifestyle change interventions including CV fitness.

To train your heart's ability to optimally deliver oxygen to working muscles, we participate in workouts and exercises that boost our cardiovascular fitness. Our classes which target cardiovascular work specifically include Spinning, Boxercise, PurePlyo, PurePump, and Circuits. Our two popular programmes Spin2Slim and Circuits Bootcamp have significant cardio training features built in. We even have a PureRaw cold-pressed juice, PureStamina that's targeted at cardio fitness - containing beetroot to increase your oxygen uptake - a popular vegetable with cyclists for this very same reason. Some typical cardio-focussed exercises you'll see us doing in Purefit include jumping jacks, burpees (Who doesn't love burpees!), skipping, high knees, mountain climbers, and tuck jumps. You'll notice that in Purefit classes and programmes we often intersperse periods of high cardio intensity with exercises that have less cardio intensity - this approach to cardio workouts is designed to also boost your cardio recovery time.

It seems that many people only start to think about, and work on their cardiovascular health after an ischemic event, a heart attack or stroke. Making a few small adjustments to the way you live now can help you considerably reduce(40-50% remember)the risk of those kind of events, as well as increasing your quality of life overall. I've never heard anyone say, "I wish I never started this fitness thing"


  • Berlin JA, Colditz GA. A meta-analysis of physical activity in the prevention of coronary heart disease. Am J Epidemiol 1990;132:612–628
  • Wannamethee SG, Shaper AG. Physical activity in the prevention of cardiovascular disease: an epidemiological perspective. Sports Med 2001;31:101–114.
  • Ornish D, Scherwitz LW, Billings JH, Gould KL, Merritt TA, Sparler 5, Armstrong WT, Ports TA, Kirkeeide RI.. Hogeboom C. Brand RI. intensive lifestyle changes for reversal of coronary heart disease. JAMA 1998;280:2001-- 2007. Available at: http://www.pmri.org/publications/1761.pdf

January Fitness and Weight loss programmes

Having specific goals, working in a group, and comitting to a specific minimum period are all great ways to keep your New Years Resolutions. Our fitness and weight loss programmes provide you with exactly that, designed not just to fulfil your resolutions, but to keep you going long into the new year with group support, fun classes, nutritional advice and a community of peers who are just as committed as you. Learn more about our programmes below and select the one that suits you best.

If you're new to fitness we recommend PureSpin to get your large leg muscles working and burn calories fast. If you've a little experience with fitness, try the PumpSculpt or Bootcamp for an all body workout. Yogilates is great for everyone and lots of people do it along with another programme or our pay as you go classes. Gladiators must have previous experience, so signup if you'd like an extra special challenge.

January Programme Start Dates
Programme FeeMax. ParticipantsStart Date/TimeRuns forSignup link
Spin2Slim Learn more... €65 15 Friday 16th January, 7am 8 weeks Signup
PumpSculpt Learn more... €65 25 Wednesday 14th January, 7am 8 weeks Signup
Yogilates Learn more... €25 20 Wednesday 14th January, 8pm 4 weeks Signup
Bootcamp Learn more... €49 30 Wednesday 14th January, 8pm 6 weeks Signup
Gladiator Learn more... €79 12 Monday 12th January, 9pm 4 weeks Signup
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Christmas Survival Guide 2014

Purefit Christmas Survival GuideChristmas brings with it, presents under the tree, family gatherings, Christmas parties, food and drink. We have already stocked up on the mince pies, tins of Roses and boxes of Afternoon Tea biscuits. Christmas, and all that goes with it, tests our willpower to the end. Christmas day we consume an average of 6,000 calories - this is no help to our waistlines. So I’m here to help you understand where those calories come from and allow you to make simple healthier choices, especially on Christmas day.

Our Purefit Survival Guide 2014

For Starters

The traditional starter of Prawn Salad and Marie Rose sauce has approx 300 calories, which you can choose to exchange for a slice of melon at approx 50 calories or homemade vegetable soup at approx 135 calories.

Main Meal

While turkey is very low in fat choose the white meat as opposed to the brown. White can save you 60 calories per portion, if you remove the skin. Ham has more salt and fat in it but turkey is not the same without ham! so make sure you just trim off the fat. Pile on the veggies but remember roast vegetables can have double the fat of mashed potato. Opt for steamed broccoli, carrots and asparagus. For the stuffing reduce the butter by half and use brown whole meal bread instead of white. You can also opt for fruit & nut based stuffings. Gravy can be very high in fat when it is made with the juices of the meat, so opt for gravy using bouillon stock, corn flour and natural browning sauce (gluten free) or go for a delicious cranberry sauce with little calories. (Remember sauces on the side as a good tip to using less)


Desserts can be the most calorific of all course. Choose smaller portions, low-fat cream, reduced-fat custard and just 1 mince pie. A lighter dessert choice (and my favorite) is Pavola - reduce the portion of cream and add plenty of delicious fresh fruits.

These small changes on Christmas day can take 1,000 calories off while still keeping the with traditional spirit of Christmas!


We've compiled twelve tips for keeping your Christmas party season healthier and the only one that will notice is yourself when you're finding it easier to keep up with our Purefit classes come the New Year. These twelve tips are small changes that won't diminish your much deserved enjoyment of the Christmas season and will make your start to the new year much easier. Please send us your own tips & tricks in the comments section below.

Break your fast - Everything starts with breakfast. A good slow release carbohydrate such as oatmeal will keep your blood sugar levels stable and help control your appetite during the day. Make it seasonal with a little cinnamon, some chopped cranberries or nuts.

Budgeted calories - Skip the shop bought mince pies but do save some calories for the home made ones, or better still make your own so you know exactly what balance of ingredients are in them. Budget your calories for a sample of the really tasty homemade treats and not the commercial ones you might end of overindulging in to make up for the lesser taste.

Diminishing returns - Enjoy the food you eat, but don't unnecessarily overindulge on things that don't bring you an equal return on enjoyment - those fancy chocolates are delicious, but the first one is much more delicious than the 20th!

Easy on the sauce - Forgo gravy and commercial sauces at Christmas dinner, or if preparing your own gravy from meat juices wait until the fat rises to the surface and spoon it off before making the sauce. Alcohol also follows the law of diminishing returns as above - a lovely glass of wine with your meal can be a delicious accompaniment, and the first one is much more delicious than the next!

Fruit & Nut Stuffing - Choose a fruit and nut based stuffing instead of sausage meat - chestnuts are a great source of potassium and are delicious with orange and cranberry for stuffings.

Lovely Roasties - Brushing or spraying oil lightly on potatoes and vegetables gives an even more delicious flavour than slathering them in oil and having them sit and soak it up while roasting.

12 Tips to make your Christmas healthierBrussels Sprouts - Rich in folate and vitamin C, Brussels Sprouts also contain fibre which can help keep your digestive system healthy. Instead of boiling them and dousing them in butter for extra flavour, steam them with other greens like mangetout, brocolli and runner beans and add extra flavour using fresh herbs and lemon zest

Mistaking hunger - stay hydrated over the Christmas period. It's easy to mistake thirst for hunger and with all those treats and easy access calories lying around, the easiest solution to mistaken hunger is to find a mince pie, open some biscuits or eat some chocolates. Staying hydrated means you can save treats for when you can relax and enjoy those calories.

Healthier snacks - Remove the unnecessary temptations of having calorie laden pies, biscuits and chocolates to hand by having healthier snacks about the house. Snack on carrot sticks and hummus, try some bruschetta, smoked salmon toasties, mix up a salsa, or create a lovely guacamole to snack on.

Slow your roll - Christmas dinner is one of the few meals we eat these days that is all about family and togetherness. Enjoy the food and the company slowly - take your time eating and you'll avoid feeling uncomfortably full. There's plenty of time for more later!

Stay active - It's easy, and not uncommon to gain a pound over the winter and that may not sound like a lot. Put a few winters together and you're heavier than you want to be 'all of a sudden'. Staying active over this winter staves off that extra weight so you can enjoy Christmases for years to come.

Cook and freeze - With all the preparations that go into Christmas and of course we all want to spend time visiting friends and family, it can be hard to keep up with healthy home cooking. Cook meals in advance specifically to freeze them, you can double recipes and eat half fresh and freeze the rest for later. You'll be glad of it when unexpected visitors drop by and you can comfortably spend time chatting knowing dinner will take no time after.

These little tips will help you keep your Christmas party season healthier and make also make our Purefit classes a little easier in the New Year. Accepting small changes like these won't diminish your enjoyment of Christmas but will make your start to the new year that much easier. Add your own tips & tricks in the comments section below, and have a very merry Christmas from Purefit.ie

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