Pure SpinBoxercise: 60mins

Boxercise Galway GymThese classes combine a 30 minute energising ride followed by a dynamic Boxercise routine which develops strength, balance, flexibility and core for a fast, effective total body workout.

Benefits people of all levels of fitness. This class makes weight loss much easier. Book your place today and become a fat burning machine.

Combining the elements of Boxercise to develop strong cardiovascular health with Spinning targets the large body muscles body for a fast fat burning workout. In this class we hit the big muscles in the legs with spinning before continuing a low impact high intensity Boxercise session where fun is guaranteed! It is a fun, addictive, safe stress busting workout suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

This class will help sculpt, tone & define your whole body. Sweat it out while increasing your fitness and burn more calories. Become the ultimate fat burning machine.


  • High Intensity Boxercise session
  • Big muscle group calorie buring with Spinning
  • Develop mobility & increased range of motion
  • Develops core strength and stability
  • Increases balance & flexibility

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Level: All levels Zone 1

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