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I want to be honest, I fell off the wagon for the past few days...


Monday 17th October

Bad day today, had to come home shivering and bones aching. I was hoping to go to class this evening but it’s not likely! When I don’t exercise my healthy eating plan goes out the window. Exercising keeps me focused. it’s a habit that I have to maintain, otherwise I’m going to start eating crap. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.


Tuesday 18th October

Ok so the last few days have been really shite to be honest from Saturday onwards food hasn't been great at all. I'm back on track starting today and will be doing my shopping after class today so I'll be prepared for the rest of the week. No more distractions from now on. I probably won't be down on scales this week but I need to be able to accept it and move onto the next week. Usually when I've one bad day it throws me off and that will turn into a bad week and sometimes even a bad month. So once I can get myself back on track I'll be happy with that. So far so good this morning it's only early yet but feeling good today.