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I've got a serious wake up call...just what I needed

Marian Week 2

Wednesday 19th October

Booked in for Spinning today. I need to do at least one spinning class a week. I just love this class. Ger really knows how to motivate us. Food is going really well today. To be honest I know I could do better with the food. I will try harder. I had a bad night with Lily but I know Spinning will give me a massive boost of energy. I could do with it. 


Thursday 20th October

Felt great after Spinning last night. Ger was on fire last night. I got my heart rate up to 189 which is the highest I have gotten it in any class. Had lean steak and broccoli this evening. I do however think I’m over indulging in cottage cheese and greek yogurt. I need to watch my portion sizes too. I haven’t fully stuck with the eating plan, but will see tomorrow at weigh in if I’m down a few pounds. Booked into SweatBox tonight, I can’t wait.


Friday 21st October WEIGH IN

I had porridge this morning, scrambled eggs for lunch with cottage cheese and greek yogurt. I know I have to cut down on these. Loved Sweatbox last night, oh my god did I sweat. It was great fun too. I need more of these classes. I’m tired today, had a draining day at work, so going to have a rest before class. Tonight is weigh in time. If something in my measurements or even my body fat has reduced I will be happy, even if the scales doesn’t move. I will be disappointed but I’ll try not to let it get to me too much. Haven’t tried anything really on meal plan yet, hoping to make some bits at the weekend. Chicken fajitas sound fab, maybe a treat if I’m down tonight. Fingers crossed.


Saturday 22nd October

Had my weigh in, and I wasn’t down on the scales, but I am down 1 and a half inches from my waist, 1 inch from my chest and body fat was down 1.3%. Delighted I was down in some way, it can be very disheartening when nothing changes. 


Sunday 23rd October

Food is going great, I am officially sticking to the meal plans. Should definitely have a loss next Friday. My aim is to do a class every evening, might have to reduce the classes next week as we are moving house.


Monday 24th October

Bad news, I had to leave work there. My back is absolutely crippling me. Had a prolapsed disc during summer looks like it's back to haunt me. Have painkillers taken now and going to lie flat on it. Pain was worse in work from sitting down. Food still going well though, I know the last time it happened I was advised to stay away from lifting weights and body weight exercises. Going the doctor in the morning so I'll ask him then. 


Tuesday 25th October

I'm bed bound and off work, got some pain killers and muscle relaxants and have heat patch on my back. I am more determined to stay extra healthy. I need to get this weight down. I'm more or less sticking to Fiona’s meal plans with one or two tweaks if I don't like something. It's definitely my weight making this worse so I need to get it down. I am remaining positive. This thing with my back is making me more determined to stay on track.

Even though I know I didn’t gain it overnight a part of me expects to lose it overnight! How does that make sense. I dreaded last Friday's weigh in. I was out on the Friday night before and I tried to be as healthy as I could. I have learnt now over the past few weeks that it's going to be tough sometimes. Especially when life gets in the way.

Marian xx