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Fighting Fat Over 40

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Once you reach 40 you will notice that it's becoming harder to shift those pounds. As you age your metabolism tends to decelerate 4-5% every 10 years.

This is not the only contributor to increased weight, we become less active and as a result our muscle mass decreases. Basically if we don't use it we lose it. Literally our muscle melts away. To get over this metabolic speed bump, we need to increase our muscle mass. What does this mean? As part of your fitness regime it's essential to incorporate resistance training into it. By using barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells you are preventing muscle loss and boosting your metabolism. Furthermore, to aid in preserving your muscle, it's essential to increase your intake of protein and avoid dieting repeatedly. Being in calorie deficit through dieting will not only encourage weight gain as soon as you eat normally again but it will starve your muscles of much needed protein. The result is muscle loss with weight gain as a result of a slower metabolism. 

Boost your Metabolism?

Regular exercise is key to keeping your metabolism ticking over. Two to three resistance classes a week is enough to maintain your muscle mass. Lets say you gain a pound of muscle. That muscle will now burn approximately 50 calories extra a day as opposed to gaining a pound of fat. It's so important to know that muscle is very metabolically active and you don't want to lose any muscle.

So train with weights that are comfortable for you, create that resistance against your body, increase your protein. Why wait for age to increase the pounds. Take control now by exercising regularly and embrace the weights to lose the weight.

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