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Jess's Weight Loss Journey

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Jess Week 1

I'm a 44 year old busy working mum of two boys. Like most women I put everyone else in my life before me. My weight has always fluctuated over the years but once you hit 40 the real battle begins. I was 15 stone 4 years ago and got down to 11 stone. I was happy enough but knew I could do better. In the last year I had gain a stone and know the pounds will keep crawling back up. Everyone goes through bereavement and loss in life. Fiona in Purefit came into my life at my-lowest. I wanted to hide away but when I walked in I was greeted with a smile ...and a lets get going. The classes are tough, the first 5 minutes I was ready to run out the door, convinced I couldn't do this. Fiona really pushes us all for ourselves and we have a laugh so the hour flies by. We are all there for the same reason to get fitter, mentally and physically. That hour away has now become my time for myself x

So here is how it all began. Fiona asked me if I would be interested in her trying her NEW 4 week weight loss programme. I was excited and jumped at the opportunity. I was also interested to see what she would say. She did reassure me though that you don't have to turn your life upside down. Make small changes and it will have a huge impact. Even though I was afraid of making mistakes and looking foolish, Fiona said that making mistakes is part of your journey. You need to embrace and accept it. By changing your habits you will feel empowered and will continue on even through the tough parts.

The hardest thing for me was getting on the scales. Fiona took my measurements and will do it every week. It's important for me to track this. I need to make myself accountable each week. She has given me an eating plan which seems very easy. First week, I am replacing my breakfast with a smoothie. The smoothie is so filling that I can hardly even think about lunch. Until next week, follow me on Facebook and see if we can drop those inches every week.


Week 1 Weigh In

Weight: 12 stone

Waist: 37.5 inches

Body Fat %: 42.5%

Chest: 41 inches

The numbers don't lie. I know now what i have to do. Until next week.



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