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Jess's Weight Loss Journey Week 2

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Week 2

I was so nervous waking this morning, it was my second weigh in.

Fiona knew I was nervous and reassured me that everything will be fine. Her advice was to ditch the processed food for healthy protein and vegetables and I will see a dramatic drop in the pounds. After that Fiona is focusing on the inches lost. I headed over to Purefit and Fiona got me to step up on the scales. Trembling and reluctant to look at the number. Oh my god, I was thrilled, I couldn't believe it I was down 8lbs after week 1. Inches down too. I was so motivated to keep going. Did 3 classes this week too so didn’t have to kill myself in the gym. It's hard to train every day but 3 days a week suits my busy life with kids and work. Not only was I toning, I was feeling fitter and now 8 lbs lighter. Fiona has shown me the way to a healthier lifestyle and I feel amazing. I also have so much support from my family and friends. you need that when you are on this journey. There will be points in the day where you will feel that urge to snack on crisps. So it takes determination and focus to stay on track. I really want this so I’m not going to slip. Although Fiona said not to beat myself up about it if I do. So far so good though.


Week 2 My Meal Plan and Exercise

After my week on Fiona’s meal plan, I have to say I’m feeling great. Everything was planned out and the meals were very easy to follow. I replaced my breakfast with a smoothie that Fiona gave me and I don’t even feel hungry at lunch. It’s packed with natural protein and tastes lovely. Not sweet, just nutty. I always have nuts as a snack to keep me satisfied. I know now that preparation is key. I have week 2 meal plans here and i’m off to get my food shopping in. Not only seeing the numbers on the scales has really motivated me but feeling it in my clothes. I am already down to a size 12. I haven’t see a 12 since I got married. I feel so in control and liberated by my progress. Going to a class this evening, really can’t wait. They’re tough but you feel amazing afterwards. Fiona can just tap into your personality and get everyone laughing and chatting in the class. I actually look forward to it.


Week 2 Weigh In

Weight: 11 stone 6 lbs (DOWN  8 lbs)

Waist: 35 inches (DOWN 2.5 inches)

Body Fat %: 42.5% (DOWN  6.5%)

Chest: 41 inches (DOWN  1.5 inches)

The numbers don't lie. I know now what i have to do. Until next week. Follow me and you too can be down inches. 3 more weeks and I know i will fit into my party dress.




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