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Jess's journey and pounds still going down! WOW

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Jess Weight Loss 3

Week 3

Had my weigh in on Wednesday morning, it was a tough week. So much food around me. Chocolates, cakes, mince pies. I haven't touched anything. It's not easy but I'm so focused on my goal. So far I'm down 13 lbs. This weeks weigh in was unbelievable. I was actually down 2 more pounds. I even had red wine at the weekend. Fiona gave me permission, as long as it wasn't a bottle so I'm so happy having a glass or maybe 2 and feeling like I don't have to lose out on all the social activities around Christmas. If it wasn't for Fiona's magic smoothie, I would be lost. It has replaced my breakfast and lunch. I am so full I can hardly eat my snacks. Fiona said it's so important to not be hungry  However you do need to be prepared,  I was feeling more hungry this week only because I didn't eat enough. Imagine i thought you would have to starve yourself to lose weight. Quite the opposite. Fiona has given so many gorgeous suggestions. I'm never stuck. Last weekend we were heading to Limerick to do some Christmas shopping. I made my smoothie that morning. It was packed full of healthy fats and protein. When we were sitting down to get something to eat, I kinda felt a little isolated as everyone around me was tucking into a McDonalds. It was tough for them too, as they felt guilty. I persevered and just thought about why I was doing this. Why I needed to do this. I was doing it because I hated how I looked, I felt anxious over my weight gain. I felt out of control and was using food to justify those feelings. I have a goal and it keeps me focused. There is a dress that I want to fit into. I have gone from a size 14 to a 12 in two weeks. This has really opened my eyes to the type of food I used to eat and why i ate it. I also do at least 3 classes a week. I do notice that kettlebells has helped me drop inches literally from my waist. I threw out 3 bags of clothes during the week, it's the new me and I'm never going back. Love the new me. I have so much energy and feel so confident.


Week 3 Weigh In

Weight: 11 stone 1lbs (DOWN  2 lbs)

Waist: 33 inches (DOWN 1 inches)

Body Fat %: 41% (DOWN  1.5%)

Chest: 38.5 inches (DOWN  2.5 inches)

One more week to go and down 13 pounds in total. I have changed my habits and now look forward to putting on clothes again. Nothing feels uncomfortable or tight. I have to remind myself of this feeling when I want to indulge in crap food. I have to visualise myself in clothes that look and feel great.



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