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Purefit Transformation Marian's Blog

Purefit Transformation Marian’s Blog


Friday 14th October 2016

The day after my weigh in! I was happy enough with my 3lbs down. I know I can do better. The food is definitely the hardest part. Trying to get organised is my downfall. I can slip into old habits. It’s my sister’s birthday tonight and I will have a few drinks. I will try and stick to vodka and sparkling water with a slice of lemon. I am determined to do the best I can. I do feel guilty for having a few drinks. There was a lot of party food and I didn’t touch it. That is a first for me. So I am proud of myself. 


Saturday 15th October 2016

Feeling tired after the night out last night. Delighted I didn’t touch any of the party food. I don’t feel as guilty now today. I still had a bit more drink than I thought I would have. It was only one night, and I'm back on track again. I had a cottage pie prepared from the day before. So I will eat that today. I’m not that hungry but I know I should eat. It’s not the best but it’s better than getting a takeaway! Fiona is texting me everyday asking me about my food. The words ‘preparation’ and ‘planning’ are her favourite words. 


Sunday 16th October 2016

I’m still very tired today. I have made a decision not to go out bank holiday weekend. It's not worth it. I had scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast. The birthday cake is still in the house. It’s the only thing that’s tempting me. Fiona gave me a 7 day meal plan that I was to start on Friday but because of the birthday party on Friday night and feeling tired over the weekend, I haven’t started yet. I am not prepared. I am making healthier choices though and staying away from takeaways. Mams making a roast dinner today but I won’t have any gravy. Looking forward to getting organised for the week. Booking my classes this evening. Having a class to do in the evening time is keeping me focused. I need that. It’s easy to sit in front of the telly and eat away. I’m so guilty of that. One day at a time! That’s what i have to do. My family are great, they are really encouraging. Fiona recommends that everyone follow my meal plans too. It will be easier for me if I don’t see any crap in the house. Appreciate all the support from Purefit followers too. It makes it easier to stay on track! Want to stay on track for as long as I can and get this weight down.

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Marian's Weight Loss Journey Week 1

Marian's story

 Marian Week 1

First week of plan has been very tough to stick to. I came to Fiona for help. I knew she could whip me into shape. I also knew that food was my downfall.  I realise now I am an emotional eater. I eat when I'm happy, sad, bored and even before I go to bed. I crave all the wrong stuff. I told Fiona my story and she advised me to start with a small change first. For example cut out bread. I was eating so much of it. I didn't want to start with a small step, I wanted to go right in at the deep end. I wanted results fast. I wanted a strict diet plan. I knew I would only stick to it for a week, but in my head I was going to lose loads of weight. I needed a kick start to get me motivated. I wanted the pounds to come off me. Fiona explained the risks of extreme diets or dramatic changes to my lifestyle. I didn't want to listen. She wanted me to change my mindset, and then my habits would improve. She wanted me to become more aware of why I was eating all the wrong stuff. I wanted to lose weight right now.

Marian's Weight Week 1

Slowly I realised that it was going to be tougher this time. I had completely fallen off the wagon. My initial weigh in was nail bitting. I knew I put on weight but the fear of those numbers, it was hard. Stepping on the scales, there was no turning back now. We decided to do the weigh in every Friday evening. This was a focus that I needed. Fiona gave me my 7 day food plan. It didn't seem too bad. Firstly I cut out the takeaways and treats at the weekend, which is a first in a long time. Even though my clothes still feel tight, I feel less bloated. I have cut down on the bad carbs so much. I am feeling really hungry though. Fiona had advised me to eat more protein to help me feel full. I trying hard to stick to the plan, but Fiona has been great, she is helping me substitute foods on the meal plan that I don't like. 

Just got my week 1 weigh in, I was really nervous. I know I could have been better on the plan, but I have made some changes. I'm down 3lbs this week! Happy enough but i know it's a long road, I am willing to stick to it. I'm going to try week 1 again. Get my shopping in and be more prepared. Chat again next week after my second weigh in.

Week 1 Meal Plan


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Marian's Weight Loss Journey Day 1

Marian’s Weight Loss Journey ‘Fallen Off The Wagon Round 2’


When Marian started with us in 2013, she had a goal to lose 10 pounds. She signed up for our Purefit6 programme with a starting weight at 12st 7lbs. By the end of the 6 weeks she had lost inches and over 16lbs. She had the tools and was ready to do it on her own. She remained dedicated but slowly the bad habits creeped back into her life. Marian’s journey doesn’t stop there. At 28 years old with a 15 month old, working full time, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to prepare food. Sleepless nights meant very little energy during the day so reaching for sugary snacks became all too easy. The weight slowly went back up and much more. Her current weight is now at 14st 4lbs, body fat 44.5% Not one to make excuses, but that’s her reality, like a lot of full time mums, family comes first, and in Marian's case, reaching for carb heavy and sugary snacks was second nature. However Marian needed to gain back her confidence, her weight was getting her down, so she finally came back to me. She told me her story. She was desperate to get back on track. She needed my help and I was going to give it. I knew Marian was an emotional eater, so with a few gentle chats on her triggers, a structured meal plan, with easy to follow recipes Marian was ready to start. She has always struggled with her weight but this time it is different, this time she wants to be a healthy mom for her baby. She wants to be a positive role model for her child. Another big incentive is she wants to fit into her clothes she wore 3 years ago, she wants more energy, she wants to fell happy about herself again. This is her journey with Purefit.

As a trainer and nutrition expert I will guide her every week on foods, she will have weekly weigh ins and measurements done by me. She will participate in at least 3 classes a week. Every week we will post up her journey, her foods, her measurements. We want people to follow Marian every week. Give her the boost if she is finding it difficult, follow her meal plans and we want you behind us so post up your stories, start your weight loss journey with us too. I know Marian can do this and with all of our help she can get there.

If you are struggling with your weight follow Marian and her weight loss journey. I’m going to help Marian for as long as she needs it. This will be an integral part of her life now, it needs to be for her own health. So come on support Marian, share her blog every week with your friends. Be part of Marian’s weight loss journey. In this weekly blog Marian has agreed to share her weight loss journey in the hope that it will keep her on track. If she feels more accountable to hundreds of people then she will more than likely stay on track. Even if she does fall off the wagon, we are all here to help her get back on track. 




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The weekend is almost here! You have eaten and trained well all week so you want to relax a little but not undo all your hard work.

Here is a simple recipe that will tantalise your taste buds without jepardising your healthy eating. 


Chicken Enchiladas For a treat day

Serves 4 - (Each serving contains approx 420Kcal)

450g chicken breast cut in strips

250g onions, finely diced

1 red pepper, sliced

1 yellow pepper, sliced

1 green pepper sliced

2 large mushrooms (washed and chopped)

2x400g can of chopped tomatoes

50g low fat mozzarella cheese

8 small tortilla wraps (approx. 100Kcal each)

1 tsp bouvillon stock (optional)

2tbsp light soy sauce

1tbsp olive oil



1. Heat olive oil in a large non-stick pan. Add the onion and chicken breast strips and fry for few minutes until chicken is cooked. 2. Add chopped tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, soy sauce, stock cube and chili powder. 3. Simmer uncovered for approximately 25 mins until the sauce is thickened. 4. Spoon the mixture into the middle of a tortilla and roll. 5. Place into oven tray. Repeat with the remaining tortillas. 6. Sprinkle with low fat mozzarella cheese and place in oven at 200 celcius for 5mins or until the cheese is slightly crispy.

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We are so excited about our new timetable. There are classes to suit all levels and ages here at Purefit. We are dedicated to health and fitness and we know how to have fun while doing it too. We love what we do and it shows in the classes. There is always banter and craic, along with sweat and the odd tear too. If you want to get a good workout and release some tension and have great craic too then Purefit is the place to train. We know everyones name and it is a place to make friends too. So why not try our classes and feel the love when you walk in the door. We care about your health and wellbeing, so why not check out our new timetable here. 




More details on each class will be available on the Purefit booking app. Give us a chance though. It's going to take us until tomorrow afternoon to update all the classes on the backend. This time we have two types of memberships. Regular membership for €59 for 4 weeks with unlimited access to classes. This does not include the 7am morning classes. Please note if Regular members want to access 7am classes, a supplement of €3 applies per class. Then we have the Early morning membership for €39 for 4 weeks. If you are only interested in early morning classes this would suit you. Please note if Early Morning members want to access other classes, a supplement of €3 applies per class. Book your classes here or on 0876743616  



I met my mother off the bus at Galway Train Station on Thursday. She was coming from Kerry and travelling to Mayo. She is in her early 60’s and is a very active woman. When I met her I carried her bags, she was hungry and a little cranky so food was her priority. As we walked through Eyre Square, I noticed that she was walking particular slow. Maybe I’m a fast walker, so I slowed down. She seemed out of breath. This did alarm me because she was always active. She worked hard all her life and is blessed with her health. No traces of osteoporosis, very strong and healthy. She has a great diet and even though she lives on her own, she always cooks dinner for herself every evening. This is a great focus for her. However this breathlessness bothered me. So I asked her was she ok? She said that she is gotten unfit and has given up on exercise and is too old for that, this was her response. I was so shocked to hear this. It wasn’t that she couldn’t exercise it was that she didn’t want to and thought because she was just over 60, the need to exercise was less important. She listed out so many excuses, the weather, tiredness, lack of energy, nobody to walk with, it was too dangerous and no time. These excuses I have heard a million times. I felt my mother’s attitude had changed. Maybe she wasn’t surrounded by people who wanted to exercise and she lost motivation. This can happen to anyone at any age. Losing motivation and creating all these excuses is not age sensitive. Her friends were of the same attitude. Funny thing is they were envious of anyone that did exercise. When I told my mother I  had done Gaelforce West last weekend, she said oh my god that is amazing, I wish I had your energy. Maybe I am bursting with energy but it takes effort. I set a goal for myself and I commit to them and just do it. It’s not always easy and I have to push myself when things get very tough. I sometimes hear my inner voice saying ‘are you crazy for putting yourself through this” I quickly say cop on, and tell myself I can do it, and imagine the feeling at the finish line. That’s what gets me through it. it’s not my physical capability it’s my want to do it and my ability to ignore the pain. That’s what drives me. I’m not saying that my mother should do Gaelforce but what I am saying is that she needs to set herself an achievable goal. She needs to change her mindset and this can only be done by encouragement from everyone around her. A leg up is all she needs. This could be asking a friend to go for a walk. Getting up earlier and making time to do a little bit. Buying appropriate shoes and clothing for all weathers. Choosing safe paths that are well lit. Eating little and often to ensure you don’t have dips in your sugar levels. Eating healthy snacks to avoid sugar slumps. These are all the tips I gave my mother. Since I don’t live in the same county as her, all I can do is send her daily text messages of a few exercises to do. An exercise programme that’s simple to follow involving muscular strength based exercises for her bones and an aerobic training plan for her cardiovascular system. She can do both in the comfort of her own sitting room. If you know someone who is like my mother share this and help them change their attitude. It’s a long road, all I can do is guide her, she has to believe and want to do it too for herself. She is probably going to kill me for writing this and posting up her picture. It’s for her own good.

 click to download

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My Ultimate Shred Programme

Easy to follow recipes! Weight loss and feel good factor a sure thing! What's not to love about my 14 Day Shred Programme.

Incorporating easy to follow meal plans and exercises you can do with little or no equipment. 

Download Meal Plans Here






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We are nearly at the halfway mark!! Hope the healthy habits have kicked in and you are feeling more energised.


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As we go through each day, we need to set a goal. A short term goal keeps us motivated. It's not as daunting as the bigger goal in the long term. If your goal is to lose so many pounds, then focus on 1 or 2 lbs and soon you will get to the end result. Be positive and believe you can do it.
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We should be well into by now. We have reduced the calories a little here but still plenty to keep us going. It's cardio day so not too demanding on the muscles.

If you want alternatives let me know or if you have any knee or back issues, I can give you a modified version of a particular exercise. Best of luck!

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