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About PureFit

Purefit Galway - A friendly and focussed gymPurefit opened its doors in September, 2011 and since its inception, Purefit has provided each participant an inviting; exhilarating fitness experience dedicated to helping everyone achieve peak performance in every aspect of their life. Our comprehensive approach to health is what makes us unique. With something for fitness gurus, people who just want to lose inches and seniors who want to increase bone density we like to think of Purefit as your fitness destination.

It can be said the quality of a club is reflected in the quality of its participants. Nowhere is this truer than at Purefit, where we take enormous pride in our class members. We cater to those who expect much more than a gym - those who appreciate the attention and thoughtfulness we put into providing an environment that will motivate and inspire.

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  • Pure Bootcamp
  • Pure Boxercise: 60mins
  • Pure KettleCircuits: 60mins
  • Pure KillerAbs: 60mins

Bootcamp Galway

In our Bootcamp classes we focus on strength, speed, agility and power. This circuits-based, HIIT bootcamp incorporates a full body workout.

The mix of intensity, and the different exercises all make our circuits programme a lot more fun than typical programmes. Purefit Bootcamp gets your muscle groups "fired" up and keeps you fired up about training again. This class is open to both men and women and suitable for all fitness levels. The classes will be challenging and varied with a strong emphasis on fun as well as fitness. The exercises are adaptable to your fitness level and can be varied depending on how you're feeling during any particular session. 

Get your fitness level up with this fun and exciting bootcamp at Purefit Galway.

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Level: All levels

Boxercise Galway GymThis is a low impact high intensity class where fun is guaranteed! If you want to smash stress and burn calories then sign up for this class. It is a fun, addictive, safe stress busting workout suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

Fun is guaranteed! Get your gloves on!

  • All levels Boxercise class
  • Group class using gloves and pads
  • Increases cardiovascular fitness
  • Become strong, lean & toned
  • Very sociable class
  • Improved coordination

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Level: All levels Zone 2

Galway Kettlebell TRXThese classes offer a new and exciting way to burn calories. Combining all the elements of kettlebells within a circuit based session to target the whole body for the ultimate fat burner. This class will help sculpt, tone & define your whole body. Sweat it out while increasing your fitness and burn more calories. 

The fun, the intensity, and the different exercises all make our circuits a lot more fun than typical programmes. Purefit Circuits help you get "fired" up and stay fired up about training again. Our circuit classes are open to both men and women and suitable for all fitness levels. The class is challenging and varied with an emphasis on fun as well as fitness. The 60 minutes is split into a mix of high intensity followed by low intensity interval sessions.

  • Strength training with Kettlebells
  • Develop mobility
  • Increases range of motion
  • Develops strength
  • Increases balance & flexibility

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Level: All levels Zone 2

Kettlebells Galway GymThis KillerAbs class integrates whole body exercise for the ultimate fat burner is also designed to strength and condition abs and back muscles. This workout is designed to maximize calorie burn and increase your resting metabolism. There is no better way to burn fat.

Build strength and endurance, especially in the lower back, legs and shoulders and increased grip strength. The workout focusses on strengthening the lower back muscles and the frontal abdominal muscles with a wide range of movements.

  • Builds strength and endurance
  • Requires core strength
  • Not suitable for those with back or shoulder problems
  • Improves mobility
  • Improves range of motion
  • Increases strength
  • Intermediate & advanced levels

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Level: Intermediate/Advanced Zone 2

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