Health & Nutrition

Monthly or Annual Plans Available

It’s not about counting calories, it’s about making real changes. Find out how with Fiona Fleming Health Coach with a Post Grad in Nutrition Science. This program will put an end to dieting. Achieve your healthiest weight and keep it off with our 1:1 Health & Nutrition Program. This program is a comprehensive wellness plan, with food, exercise, and coaching built in. The idea is to change your behaviours so that you not only lose weight, but maintain the weight loss long-term.

It is the perfect programme, if you want to...

  • Lose weight without cutting carbs.
  • Reset your fitness from the beginning.
  • Learn about food and feel in control.

What's Included
Initial 60-minute zoom consultation to include health & fitness assessment

  • Weekly 1:1 video-calls with Fiona (30-minute)
  • 1-1 Online Personal Training (30 minutes a week)
  • Tailored Nutrition Plans Specifically For Women
  • Tools & Resources To Keep You Motivated
  • Weekly Food Diary Review with Fiona
  • Checks Ins For Accountability & Support

Personal Training 

Online/In-Person (Monthly or Annual Plans Available)

• Want to get back to fitness?
• Get control of your body again?
• Not sure where to start?
• Not sure what to change?
• Which exercise program?
• Maybe you just need a little professional help!

What’s Included
Initial 45-minute zoom consultation to include fitness assessment, goals and exercise history. Then we will talk about rest, recovery, stress and look beyond personal training to your lifestyle for a balanced, sustainable solution.

• Weekly 1-1 Online Personal Training (30 minutes a week)
• Tailored Exercise Plan Specifically For Women
• Tools & Resources To Keep You Motivated incl. workout videos
• Checks Ins For Accountability & Support

RunHers Academy is more than running, it’s about educating and empowering women to live a happier & healthier life.

Women's Outdoor Running Classes

In January 2021 I started back running and have been running every day since. I have made all the mistakes runners make when starting out. Going too fast, doing too much, losing motivation and giving up. I have been a fitness coach for 14 years and have taught 1000’s of hours of classes. Movement is so important for a healthy body and mind.

After closing my gym in 2020, life and stress took over. I was losing my motivation and confidence. The only thing I could do was get outdoors. Instantly you feel  lighter emotionally, all of your worries and anxieties start to fade and you feel lighter on a physical level. It’s a mind and body reset. This is when RunHers Academy was born. I wanted to help women feel and see the benefits of running. Help them live healthier, lose weight and make better choices. It has grown into a community that empowers women to go beyond their own boundaries. My aim is to create a fun, encouraging and supporting place for women to get outdoors, start running and feel healthy and happy again. The RunHers Academy, is not just running, Opportunities to hike and run are scattered all over Galway. You just need to know where to find them. Once a month I will take the RunHers Academy on a guided hike for a fun and rewarding experience. There is also a fun run once a month. Everyone can take part. It's a nice flat course along Salthill, usually on a Saturday morning. 

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 7am
PAYG €10 per class

Text 087 6743616